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  • Fast Implant Systems

    Implant implantation is the aim of shortening the time of dental implantation in patients with rapid implantation. As a result of the R & D studies performed by some implant implants, implants can be performed on the implant very shortly after implantation. Here, it is important that the patient's available bone amount, oral hygiene, health status, preferred implant are compatible with this system.

  • Zircon Crowns

    Zirconium is a durable element found in nature. It is also preferred for dentistry because it provides better aesthetics and durability instead of traditional metal supports.

  • Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment

    invisalign orthodontic treatment involves correcting malocclusion, which is the misalignment of a bite or incorrect spacing between teeth.

  • Tooth Bleaching

    You can get rid of the dark spots and colors on your teeth by whitening. The color of the teeth whitening process takes approximately one hour in the clinic can be opened up to three tonnes.

  • Ceramic Crowns & Lamine Restoration

    Kurons are restorations made in the laboratory where the damaged teeth are replaced or not supported. Coulomb restoration is needed when damaged such as decay, breakage, cracking.

  • Laser and Gingival Treatments

    Laser applications in dentistry have started to be widely used in recent years. This is a commonly used method about tooth and gum diseases because there is no bleeding and healing times are shorter.

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